Between work, family, friends and social commitments, the mind is more than busy and tired. It is common to get connected to the stress of the day; But what can be done? The solution can be found in breathing techniques.

Most just want to have some peace and mental silence for a few moments, so why not work with some "pranayamas", or breathing techniques, that for thousands of years have helped to balance the two hemispheres of the brain, to modulate the temperature of the body, to focus the mind on a single object as is the breath, making you leave aside the incessant torrent of thoughts that torment you without stopping.

It will only take you 5 minutes, of course if you like it you can gradually increase the time.

Pranayamas are ancient techniques that have three elements; puraka (inhalation), rechaka (exhalation) and kumbaka (breath retention).

In some pranayamas only inhalation and exhalation are used, in others retention is included either after inhalation (with air in the lungs) or after exhalation (without air in the lungs). Each pranayama has specific characteristics and different benefits.

Anuloma Viloma, this is a breath that oxygenates the organism, helps to calm and order the mind allowing it to be more focused in a unipuntual way, balances the nervous system, balances prana (vital energy), regulates the respiratory flow that can be altered by bad food, pollution, tobacco use or lack of exercise.

It is normal for one of the pits to be partially blocked so that when you practice it you will feel less air flow through the pit.

This technique helps to balance the functioning of the right (expressive) and left hemispheres of the brain (logical), and also harmonizes the energy of the left fossa, which is coolant, and that of the right, which produces heat in the body.


Sit in a comfortable position, it can be on the floor, on a cushion or in a chair. The spine should be straight and the neck and shoulders slightly relaxed.

With the right thumb cover the right nostril, exhale all the air from the left, inhale from the left, hold the breath for a few seconds covering both nostrils and bringing the chin slightly towards the center of the throat.

Change side, now cover the left nostril with the little finger and ring and exhale on the right, inhale on the right, hold and continue alternating breathing. You can start with small retentions and 3 min of exercise, with the practice you can prolong your retentions and increase the time to 5 or more minutes.

There may be dizziness, in that case inhale quietly and continue with your natural and spontaneous breathing suspending the pranayama until you recover.