Power with tradition ...

Millenary culture that sees its birth in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, the quinoa It is a plant with high resistance to climatic changes, since it can grow during drought, cold and in a soil with few nutrients. This causes it to be an ideal option for fight hunger , but, What is gained by eating it?


Quinoa, is the only vegetable food that has all the essential amino acids, trace elements and vitamins and does not contain gluten. These elements are found in the core of the grain, unlike other cereals that have them in the shell, such as rice or wheat, "says the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO).

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Power with tradition ...

Although only a few years ago this cereal has become relevant, its benefits have been part of the story. That's why we tell you what do you gain by consuming quinoa, with information from the FAO.

1. Improves intestinal transit. Quinoa has a high percentage of Dietary fiber total (FDT), which turns it into a food that acts as a purifier of the body, managing to eliminate toxins and waste that can damage the organism

2. It produces a feeling of fullness. This cereal has the property of absorbing water and staying longer in the stomach, which allows you to feel satisfied for longer.

3. Cares for diseases. The lysine is an amino acid present in large quantities in this seed, and improves immune function by assisting in the formation of antibodies , also contributes in the cellular repair.

4. Essential for some organs. This food also contains methionine, which uses the liver to produce s-adenosi-methionine, a substance especially effective in treating liver diseases, depression , osteoarthritis, brain disorders, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

5. It protects you from external agents . It acts as a powerful detoxifying agent that considerably reduces the levels of heavy metals in the body and exerts an important protection against free radicals.

6. Clearer thoughts . The quinoa also contains high amounts of phenylalanine, a stimulant cerebral and the main element of neurotransmitters that promote alertness and the relief of pain and depression.

7. Repair the damages. Through an element called proline This cereal contributes to the strengthening of joints, it is also necessary for the healing of lesions and ulcers.

8. Improve your memory. Through the glutamic acid it contains, it participates in the energy production processes for the brain and in the processes of learning, memory and neuronal plasticity.

Remember that your health is in your hands. Add this food to your regular diet and discover all its benefits. Beware!

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