Potentiate your pleasure

When we talk about the benefits of food almost always are linked to the nutritional part, but there are also many for your sexual health, specifically, foods that increase pleasure .

A lot of what can be summarized as good sex depends largely on the circulation of blood in the body, which in turn benefits or spoils the things you eat, says Ishi Khosla , nutritionist and author of the book "Is Wheat Killing You?" .

In that sense, there are foods that can help to have better orgasms due to the compounds they count on or the reactions they can generate in the body. And it is that both satisfaction of the food as of sex , activate pleasure receptors in the brain .


Potentiate your pleasure

So that you get better orgasms , we present the top of foods that you should consume regularly from this moment.

1. Watermelon It is a fruit rich in citrulline , which helps to generate and maintain an erection because it relaxes and dilates blood vessels . In the same way it increases the flow of blood towards genitals female, allowing to reach the orgasm more quickly.

2. Cucumber Its aroma manages to awaken female arousal, however the greatest benefit comes from the ability to increase blood circulation by 13%, according to the Smell and Taste Research and Treatment Foundation of Chicago .

3. Garlic Although it may not be the most delicious option, it contains a potent ingredient known as Allicin , which increases the libido , according to a study of the University of Padua , in Italy.

4. Flaxseed. Consuming a spoonful of this seed every day helps increase the level of testosterone in the body, essential hormone to have a sexual desire adequate and generate orgasms intense, indicates the nutritionist Sanjana Saikia .

5. Gingseng Its properties help a better concentration , necessary to focus on the moment of passion, and the stimulation of sexual drive and performance, affirms Massimo Marcone , professor of the food science department of the University of Guelph .

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