Potatoes with meat, the best option!

Many scientific studies suggest that excess consumption of Red meat It damages your organism, since it contains toxins that can favor the development of colon cancer. However, if you supplement your cut of meat with a little starch, you will forget about these negative effects.

According to an investigation of the Flinders Center for Innovation in Cancer belonging to the Flinders University, in Adelaide, in Australia , the consumption of starch found in various foods has the same function as fiber.


Potatoes with meat, the best option!

In the study published in the magazine Cancer Prevention Research It is detailed that the ideal starch to protect you from colon cancer When you have a diet rich in red meat, it is one that is found in potatoes, bananas, beans, chickpeas and lentils.

The scientists detail that they are excellent protectors because it improves the digestion process and helps to clean the toxins that are found in the intestines and the stomach.


"Red meat and starch have opposite effects on the miRNAs gene, which causes colorectal cancer and belongs to the miR-17-92 group," the authors of the study mention.

Just accompany your cut of meat with 40 grams of food rich in resistant starch such as potatoes or a delicious dish of beans.

According to the American Cancer Society , a diet with a high consumption of red and processed meat increase the risk of suffering Colorectal cancer , especially if they are cooked at very high temperatures.

To reduce the risk, include more vegetables in your diet, exercise, reduce the consumption of tobacco and alcohol and get rid of stress. And you, how much red meat do you eat a week?

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