Posture to stimulate this sense

The language is the organ of the body where there is more leakage and concentration of energy. The sense of taste is vital in our lives, as it allows us to savor the delights of food and talk, but if we go deeper, we discover that it has very special characteristics, among them is a organ that we use in yoga for different things.

Kechari Mudra, is a position of the tongue in which we roll it backwards, allowing it to touch the soft part of the upper palate, with which we have more than 14 thousand nadis or energetic channels whose function is precisely to carry energy from one side of the body to the other, from this way we activate these nadis.


Posture to stimulate this sense

This mudra with the tongue also allows the energy that we generate during some breaths, asanas or postures and meditations, to remain inside the body instead of escaping through the mouth.

There are also breaths like Sitali Pranayama , in which we literally roll the tongue like a cue, allowing it to come out slightly from the mouth , we inhale through it feeling the air cold and dry, we hold our breath with Kechari Mudra, and then exhale slowly through the nose

This pranayama or breathing technique helps us eliminate symptoms related to the stomach , like gastritis and colitis , also allows us to keep the body fresh, so it is ideal to practice it if it is very hot or there is fever, and it helps the concentration of the mind.

Not in vain there is the saying "his tongue was loosened", being the organ through which more energy escapes, if we talk too much, we will feel worn out, the energy of our body will fall considerably and this without taking into account that if what we are talking about is negative, such as a criticism or constant complaints, the energy will fall even more and will produce tension environments within the body and the mind.

If we learn to observe what we want to say before saying it, it is very probable that we become more selective and that we do not say absolutely everything, but what is necessary, what is pleasant and what nurtures us more as Humans.

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