Postpone your goals

The key to success is not working hard, but working intelligently. How many times do we postpone any activity and put any pretext? Today is a good time to stop doing it, discover how to stop procrastinating and free yourself from charges and pressures.

A study by the Journal of Consumer Research states that being productive has very little to do with time management and much to do with managing your energy. Researchers say that doing the pending activities, starting with the ones that involve less work will be of great help to advance in the professional and personal field.

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Delay actions and decision making directly affects your life. Learn how to stop procrastinating with these recommendations.


Postpone your goals

What happened to those purposes that you did years ago? Rethink where you want to go and fight for it.


Get away from toxic people

If there are people around you who are not sincere, are envious or very pessimistic, stay away from them, what are you waiting for?

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