Post vacation syndrome generates absenteeism

The processes of adaptation vary according to the characteristics of personality and of physical condition of each individual; However, there are almost always significant differences from person to person in the speed of the process.

We go through a adaptation process before any change of activity that faces; when we start a adaptation to a habit of physical performance, a change of schedule, a new school activity or labor .

The postvacational syndrome refers to a state of discomfort generalized that affects in particular some people, and is related to the first days of incorporation into the work activity after a holiday period .

It is estimated that the affectation exceeds 65% of the individuals, in whom some physical or mental ailments are increased at the beginning of the work periods . This affectation fluctuates between seven and ten days later and causes absenteeism .

The symptoms manifest as fatigue , lack of appetite , drowsiness , muscle pains , affectations Gastric and insomnia ; besides irritability, anxiety, sadness, difficulties for to concentrate Y discouragement .

The increase in the frequency in which this phenomenon occurs has occupied different strategies to face it with greater success.

To prevent the effects of this syndrome it is recommended:

1. Two days before the return to the work activity , you should try to perform similar activities in the biological performance which will face in the work routine ; hours of awakening and sleeping, activities of intellectual demand, food at the usual hours of the Labor journeys .

2. Recognize that we are going through a peculiar emotional or physical situation.

3. Gradual reincorporation to activities. Try to return with the same rhythm with which the work , it is very likely that it will only generate frustration who has a type of VPS Therefore, it is important to join the activities gradually; plan clearly the activities of each day and set achievable objectives, not be carried away by the despondency, take care of the pending and new chores with Patience and perseverance .

However, the most important thing is in oneself, it is a task to meet the reasons that make the work and reassess the importance of what we do.


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