Possibility of stem cells in blood vessels

The cells contained in the blood vessels could be transformed into stem cells, revealed a study from the Harvard Medical School, which was described in the online edition of the journal 'Nature Medicine'. The mother cells they have l The ability to originate several types of cells and their research still continues.

The scientists showed that cells in the wall of blood vessels can be transformed into cells similar to multipotent stem cells by a mechanism dependent on the activity of a molecule called ALK2.

ALK2 is a mutated protein in people with progressive ossifying fibrodysplasia, a disease in which bones are formed in parts of the body inappropriate, particularly after an injury.

The researchers found that the presence of an activated form of ALK2 in cells of blood vessels leads to these cells acquire the properties of stem cells.

According to the authors of the work, these cells similar to stem cells they could turn into bone, cartilage or fat cells, which underscores their potential for tissue engineering.

Source: Europapress.com

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