Pleasures that make you gain weight?

Did you know that obesity Can it be related to the change in family dynamics? Or that adolescents having economic solvency are more likely to suffer it.

This epidemic that is currently being lived in Mexico is not only a food problem, but social and economic factors that have led us to be the country with more obese children in the world.


Pleasures that make you gain weight?

Part of this problem is the increase in the consumption of junk food, which is high in fat, sugar and salt. Dr. María del Carmen Sánchez Mora, from the General Directorate for the Dissemination of Science of the UNAM, He commented that this type of food has become a symbol of status for those who consume it, which makes it even more difficult to combat it.

In the middle of the last century, the packaged foods and processed, which were seen as an emblem of modernity and turned out to be the starting point for people to start gain weight , for its high amounts of sugar and grease.

Little by little, this American food habit was adopted in our country, to the extent that they have stopped consuming foods which are part of our culinary tradition and the consumption of processed, precooked or frozen foods has been prioritized.

The researcher pointed out that sometimes it is the parents themselves who initiate their children in this type of diet, especially considering that it is cheap food, easy to prepare, with good taste and it gives them social prestige.

Therefore, he said that to attack the problem of obesity, it has to be approached from different angles. One of them is education, that is, teaching the population what foods they hurt and why; and the second is to give you alternatives to acquirer healthy foods at affordable prices, as substitutes for those who buy for being cheaper or because they are not perishable.

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