Pleasure ruined

After an exciting session of kisses, caresses and orgasms , the worst that can happen is that you make the mistake of committing some of the things that they they hate after the sex and ruin the rest of your night, or continue with your session pleasure .

A man will not disappear from your life because on the first date they had sex , most likely it will happen again, but most may not want to be with you again if in that first encounter you commit some small failure , says the Argentine sexologist Jimena Cortés .


Pleasure ruined

For this reason it is important that you know the things that mens They hate women doing after having had sex , we present some of the most important.

1. You want to talk. The sex It has an effect sleeping pill in them, due to the massive secretion of oxcitocin Y serotonin , substances that induce a deep dream , says a study published in the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews , for that reason it bothers them that they do not let them rest.

2. Criticize your attributes. Some men still think that the size of the penis It is very important, he says Silvia Saenz , psychologist and founding sexologist of the center Pystel in Madrid, so listening to the "sincere" comments you have on this subject makes them very uncomfortable.

3. Look for more sex. It is a mistake to want more sex immediately after he arrives at orgasm , because ejaculate your member relaxes and needs time so he can have a erection , that's why you should not stimulate it immediately, says the sexologist Silvia Saenz .

4. Run to bathe. Nobody likes that your sexual partner runs out to bathe, the message you can convey is that you feel dirty after sharing the bed and you need to get rid of that unpleasant sensation.

5. Ask about your body. After having had sex with you, questions about whether they think you're fat, like your body or saw defects is something they do not want to answer, if the meeting happened is because you attract them and everything in you they love.

6. You cry. Not only because they consider it the least appropriate time to express nonconformities, also because your tears contain a chemical signal that decreases their levels of testosterone and therefore its sexual desire , says a study of Weizmann Institute .

7. Orders and clean. It is normal for there to be a bit of clutter in the room after the sex , but it bothers them that you do not take your time to enjoy their side of the moment, when they they want feel, and that you get up immediately to clean.

8. Lies about sex. No matter how good you think you are lying, they hate that you "exalt" the sex when they know that it's not perfect, but especially if your face does not really reflect that satisfaction ; the best is always being honest.

All these things that they hate after the sex They are a common denominator, so you can be sure that if you commit them you will lose points with your boy. If you want me to enjoy you, concentrate on the sexual positions , get and give pleasure and enjoy the moment.

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