Pleasure hard to give up!

The excess in the consumption of this food can generate not only a overweight that damages the self-esteem, but also the mental capacity.

According to an investigation carried out by the University of California in the United States, a diet rich in sugar hinders the learning and memory.

However, there are sugar substitutes that avoid the risks of this sweet pleasure without risking the taste of food. Everything depends on your encouragement!


Pleasure hard to give up!

Between coffee, tea, yogurt with fruit, juice or chewing gum, you can accumulate a lot of sugar a day without noticing it. Each of these inputs can be calculated in an intake of 300 to 600 calories daily, which is a lot if you consider that sugar is not a nutrient, but an additive that causes satiety.

Therefore, we provide 9 substitutes for sugar:

1. Commercial cereals for granola. As tempting as they may seem, cereals with chocolate and sweet flavors should be avoided. It is best to prepare a homemade granola with oats, seeds and dried fruits, and add a little honey if necessary.

2. Soft drinks by natural fruit juices . It is not necessary to mention the amount of sugar that soft drinks have and some juices packed. Replace them with squeezed natural juice: in nature there is an extensive variety of fruits and delicious beverages can be made.

3. Marmalades for fresh fruits.

4. Substitute refined sugar for sachets of natural sweeteners. We know that it is difficult to eliminate sugar in our drinks as in tea or flavored water. Currently there are several options of substitutes in casualties calories .

5. Chocolate milk with bitter chocolate. Believe it or not, it is not necessary to completely eliminate chocolate from your diet. What is essential is that you replace chocolate milk with bitter chocolate, which is much healthier and lighter.

6. Treats for healthy snacks. In a moment of anxiety or boredom, it is common to take a sweet or chewing gum to the mouth to entertain. Instead of eating those little bombs of sugar, You can eat grated cucumber or carrots that provide a great source of vitamins

7. Fruits in syrup by natural fruits . At dessert time try not to use fruit cans in syrup such as peaches, pineapple or cherries. Try replacing them with natural and fresh fruit, or dehydrated fruit that contain less sugar and are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals

8. Light is not always better. The fact that a food is light does not mean that it does not have sugar. It is advisable to always check the labels or tables of food information to know the amount of sugar.

9. Do not store desserts in the kitchen or saucers that carry sugar. Having desserts or saucers in the kitchen sugar It helps to fall into the temptation to consume them. If you live at home with another person, try to put them away from your sight so that you do not have an opportunity to think them.

The whole process of eating less sugar should be gradual, since doing it suddenly could cause discomfort organism that is already used to its consumption.

The ideal is to get used little by little to lower doses of sugar, until you reach the desired level. Remember your health is in your hands. Beware!

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