Pleasure at the wheel?

To have sex while you drive it may seem exciting and fun, but its consequences become fatal. The car accidents are one of the main causes of death in Mexico, according to data from the National Council for the Prevention of Accidents (Conapra).

This practice is more common than you imagine, in a study of University of South Dakota , 32.8% of men and 9.3% of women surveyed admitted that they had participated in a sexual activity while driving.


Pleasure at the wheel?

According to the study data, there are different consequences that arise from having sex while drive .

1. Exceed the speed limit.

2. Deviate to another lane.

3. Release the steering wheel completely.

4. Run over someone.

5. Crash into something or another car.

Cindy Struckman-Johnson , psychologist and principal author of the research, affirms that one of the reasons why these consequences are reached is that during the orgasm there is a loss of awareness about the situation, even without it the simple excitement It is a distraction.

The data indicate that almost half of the sexual encounters occurred at a speed between 61 to 80 kilometers per hour, fast enough for the minimum distraction be mortal .


The most practiced

With regard to sexual practices The more they register while driving, the participants indicated the auto-masturbation , touching the other person's genitals, giving or receiving oral sex and have sex.


The only way to be a good driver is to be constantly watching, both inside and outside the car, and always looking forward, sideways and backwards, "says Struckman-Johnson.

Find exciting moments and pleasure is something that you should definitely do in a constant way, but have sex While do you drive It can cause you more problems than satisfaction. Take your precautions and avoid car accidents .

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