Plan and enjoy your little ones more

Have you thought about the number of children what will you have? A study of Texas Southwestern Medical Center It can help you decide, since this depends on good cardiovascular health for you.

The actressTori Spelling, daughter of the famous television producer Aaron Spelling, has publicly revealed that she is waiting for her fifth offspring with her husband Dean McDermott

According to the researchers, the women Having four or more children can have heart damage, that is, they are more likely to develop plaque in the arteries.

In addition, women with many children have narrowing and hardening of arteries , which can block blood flow and cause a stroke or heart attack.


Plan and enjoy your little ones more

Although the researchers say they do not want to interfere in the decision of women, they point out that those with more than four children they have twice the risk

That is, the prevalence of atherosclerosis in women with two or three children is 11%, while for those who had four children it is 27%. Even, those with more little ones They are more likely to have high blood pressure and higher body mass index.

The researchers detail that pregnancy generates changes in the cardiovascular system of women, that is, a greater volume of blood is pumped, insulin resistance and cholesterol are increased.

It is therefore important to maintain adequate control during and after the pregnancy , as well as reduce stress levels. And you, how have you looked after your cardiovascular health after having your children?

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