Phytotherapy reduces stress

Alternative therapies help to complement treatments to prevent and treat diseases physical and mental; In addition, they help to reduce stress that is generated with daily activities.

For the human being it is very important to obtain a better health and quality of life, that is why multiple alternatives have been developed that promote relaxation , meditation and to avoid ingesting medicines allopaths, like Phytotherapy .

This treatment studies the use of medicinal plants and their derivatives for therapeutic purposes, to prevent or cure various diseases . The following video explains the meaning and offers some examples of its use:

For a plant to have medicinal properties, certain rules of harvesting, drying, storage and, finally, presentation in infusions , extracts and capsules.

Among the conditions that are treated with Phytotherapy they find each other: acne , arthritis Tonsillitis asthma , colitis , slow digestion, hemorrhoids , menopause , stress , insomnia , among other.

According to specialists, this therapy has no side effects; In addition, medicinal plants are an inexhaustible source of benefits for physical, mental and mental health. And you, would you like to use this kind of medical alternatives?

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Video Medicine: Vital: Phytotherapy Stress (24.08.2012) (December 2022).