Physiognomy reveals personality types

The facial features of a person provide information about the different types of personality, while their expressions and gestures reveal the emotional state of the individual.

It's about the physiognomy , a discipline that has these aspects as a basis for analysis, according to the portal This type of analysis is applied to different areas and personalities, such as politicians, athletes, actors and celebrities, to know their personality.

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present some of the most outstanding features and their characteristics, with information on the blog, applied to the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic, without constituting an analysis of their personality:

1. Front. It is related to the intellectual capacity of man. It usually has several forms that physiognomists take into account. A high and broad forehead denotes mental strength and ability to clear unknowns, as well as ease of study and theories.

2. Eyebrows. Both its shape, as its abundance or scarcity, have the particularity of transforming the expression of the face.

The populated eyebrows indicate an intense nature, impetus and fiery temperament, but with a tendency to dominate. Its curvature indicates that it is a very curious person.

3. Nose It is considered as the most important part of the emotional zone for those who perform the face reading . A large and broad nose, in addition to straight, denotes will, originality, perseverance, but with aggressiveness; It is a person of exuberant and turbulent nature that is often neglected. It is idealistic and sensible.

4. Eyes. They say a lot and their expression is preserved throughout life regardless of age. Having large, oval and separated eyes reveal an idealistic, dreamy and always optimistic personality, although it is shrewd usually involved in rumors. There is a tendency to selfishness and improvisation.

The reading of the physiognomy can indicate with certain precision personality traits such as integrity, tendency to social dominance, reliability, and even aggressiveness, in addition to other characteristics of these political figures.

However, it should be noted that the features are a reflection of the experiences of a person and how they have been used to function in life. There is an objective part, which would be genetically inherited, and a subjective part, that of the aforementioned experiences. So determining personality requires more specific tests.

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