Physical training for good mental health

Doing different body movements is not only suitable for bones and muscles . It can prepare the ground for a healthy brain. With the right training and a good attitude, you can live a full life.

Have you ever wondered why you preferred to walk away from the stressful events of the day? In general, people think well when they walk quiet Y peaceably . In the scientific field, the explanation lies in the increase in oxygenation of the brain .

Walking can do wonders for legs and the brain . It exercises the muscles of the legs and the uptake of glucose is not so high compared to other forms of exercise.

As for your brain, the blood circulation improvement, which means that more nutrients and food will be sent to your control center.

Studies in older women indicate that those who leave the sedentary lifestyle and exercise on the walk are less likely to memory loss and of a mental functioning reduced.

The walking and climbing stairs were combined in an experiment at the University of California. The results favored the group of women who walked, since they obtained better results in the tests.

On the other hand, the researchers discovered that a couple of extra kilometers per week can lead to a 13% reduction in the chances of having negative cognitive disturbances .

On the way to a healthy mind, there is no other way to go, than in the positive lane. The scientific exploration of the hypothalamus, a region of the brain that oversees the affairs of the memory and the learning , gave positive results with people who exercise. This activity can lead to an improvement in the brain, even for those who have neurodegenerative diseases .

Video Medicine: Mental Fitness (November 2022).