Physical contact that heals ...

Do you have back and neck pain, or are you simply no longer tolerant of gastritis? Stress, in recent years, has become an element of everyday life; But are you already used to its effects on your health? The answer may lie in therapeutic massage.

According to Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, Massage is the action that consists in rhythmically pressing, rubbing or hitting a specific region of the body. In the case of the therapeutic is an ancestral technique that is born as a natural resource to control pain.

However, what are these therapeutic massages? GetQoralHealth, with information from the corporal psychotherapist and director of Om Shakti, Leticia Ramírez de Roman, you are presented with five of them:

1. Holistic. Sueva, is a relaxing technique that tones and stimulates the proper functioning of the nervous system and improves circulation, thus eliminating excess stress.

2. Deep. Its objective is to eliminate the tension of each muscle. With each movement unlocks and relaxes, achieving that they obtain greater oxygenation.

3. Reductive. It removes body fat from difficult areas such as the belly, arms, buttocks. For a better effect this is mixed with a lymphatic drainage method, through which the patient can eliminate toxins and revitalize their energy.

4. Reiki. It is a natural therapy that helps to transmit energy to heal the emotional, mental and physical system of the body.

5. Ayurveda massage. It has a high beneficial power over the organism and spirit. In medicine, it has served as a diagnostic, curative and preventive method.

For Leticia, people who want to experience the virtues of a therapeutic massage should take into account the following indications:

1. They should opt for a soft version of massage if they suffer from heart or bone problems.

2. Avoid eating before.

3. Visit the facilities before and talk with the person who is going to perform the massage. Ask him what it is and what the benefits will be.

Beyond relaxing, massages can help you have a better interaction with your partner, friends and co-workers; since they allow you to free yourself from the agents that cause conflicts; example, stress.

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