Physical activity speeds up your memory

A recent investigation suggests that perform physical activity has positive effects on the brain, since it helps maintain a memory agile.

The exercise help prevent strokes and silent cerebrovascular attacks, allows the oxygen get to it more efficiently, which helps you think more clearly. Besides, the physical activity It's healthy for him Central Nervous System .

Know everything that the brain does for you and why you should exercise it:

The physical activity It is also effective to combat attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity , in adults.

Best of all, it is not necessary to be a high performance athlete or perform exercises intense to enjoy its benefits. Walking, biking, doing yoga or pilates They are also very effective in maintaining your mental health. Choose your favorite activity.

Complement these activities with another one that relaxes you and that requires a certain degree of concentration, such as meditation .

Remember that before making any kind of physical activity , you should consult your doctor to help you choose the routine exercises more suitable for you physical condition .

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