Phases of falling in love

Who has not dreamed of finding love? We wait for it, we look for it and we idealize it. When it arrives, it causes some people not to reason, they simply live intensely and sometimes suffer. Avoid blind love before that person that idealized you surprises you negatively.


When you are in love you do not see the defects of the beloved, you allow everything because you believe that over time your partner will be able to modify those defects or behaviors that you do not like and this is a serious error ", indicates Joaquín Gómez Gutiérrez , psychologist and emotional intelligence specialist.


Phases of falling in love


1. Idealization of the person

Many defects or personality traits of the loved one are not perceived as harmful or harmful at this stage.


2. Altered state of consciousness

It is really our unconscious that chooses the couple; that is why reasoning what attracts us, and brings us closer to the beloved person does not have many answers.


3. Project ideals about the personality of the other

In this phase, our personal goals and achievements cease to be paramount. The only priority is to keep that couple close to us.

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