Pets reduce work stress

The presence of mascots at work helps reduce the work stress of its owners and helps other employees to carry out, in a better way, the activities during their workday , according to a study published in International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

One of the benefits of carrying your pet (specifically to dogs ) to the work centers , is that they become an effective barrier against stress explained Randolph Baker, of the School of Commerce of Virginia Commonwealth University (United States), for AFP.

The researchers carried out this study over a week, analyzing the behavior of 76 workers volunteers divided into three groups: those who carry their dog to the workplace, those who have a animal but they leave it at home, and those who do not have domestic animals .

The differences in levels of stress among those who went to work with their dogs and those who did not "were amazing". In this regard, Barker explained that this was actually the first study focused on the relationship between dogs and the workplace , since previously the benefits of this relationship had been demonstrated in hospitals and retirement homes.

In the company of his pet , the employees were much more satisfied with their Laboral life . Also, higher levels were recorded interaction Y productivity in companies due to the presence of mascots .

Therefore, now pets (dogs) They are an excellent low-cost solution and are readily available for Business . It is, in other words, a way to create better working conditions for employees in favor of personal and professional development .  

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