Pets are beneficial for health

The mascots they are the best companions of the human being, because they prevent feelings of loneliness, they avoid stress and they are an inexhaustible source of love and companionship. In addition, coexistence with some animals is considered as an alternative therapy to treat various diseases, such as blood pressure and heart attacks and help disabled people .

Experts recommend having a dog or cat at home, due to the emotional and physical benefits they offer to children and adults; for example, they improve their mood, they help to exercise, they acquire skills to care for others, and above all, they share their positive attitude towards life.

This October 4 is the World Animal Day . The purpose is to remember the importance of the other species with whom we share the planet. The idea is to create a "new" culture of respect and sensitivity.

However, there is a negative side to living with pets, as they can causediseases parasitic or allergies . That is why it is important to vaccinate and educate them.

Therefore, the veterinary zootechnics ,  Dolores Martínez , explains the advantages and disadvantages of each species, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The advantage of cats is that they are very clean; However, their saliva It has proteins that are used to clean your hair, which when falling can generate allergy among people who are close to it. To avoid this type of diseases, the ideal is to bathe it every month.

For their part, dogs help people with different abilities a lot, thanks to their facility to domesticate them, they are considered as the best companions of man for their fidelity, but they are also generators of allergies by the fall of hair.

Remember that to choose a pet well you must know the needs of the family, that is, if they are people who live alone, if there are children in the house, if older adults, etc.

Investigate your needs and choose your correct pet!

Video Medicine: Pets Make Us Healthier! (February 2023).