Personality test

The personality test it serves to determine what style it predominates in each person. Each style is composed of a set of Characteristic personality traits that make up the thirteen modes to be more habitual and frequent.

East test measures normal characteristics of personality, although when the scores on any of the scales are very high, it could indicate the existence of a possible personality disorder . Even so, the existence of a high score does not necessarily indicate a disorder , but simply suggests the convenience of a more extensive evaluation to determine the possible existence of problems.

The styles evaluated are: 1. Aggressive 2. Idiosynchronic 3. Sacrificed 4. Distrustful 5. Solitary 6. Theatrical. 7. Self-confident. 8. Challenging. 9. Perfectionist. 10. Comfortable. 11. Faithful 12. Shy / sensitive 13. Intense

The test will show you the style of personality that predominates in you. If you want to do it, you can click here that will take you to where you can do it and get an identification of your personality type .

This type of test it does not substitute in any way an adequate psychological diagnosis , therefore, if you consider it necessary, it is best to consult a specialist.

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