Personality, cost the address to 'El Piojo' Herrera

It is a fact that Miguel Herrera get out of Mexican team after the incident he had with the television commentator Christian Martinoli .

The case generated a stir in social networks and put into question the psychological profile of the now former technical director of team tricolor.

For Leticia García, from the Psychoanalytic Society of Mexico (SPM) , Herrera has a personality that moves quickly from happiness to explosiveness .


He really likes the leadership and tends to go to the poles. Be very charismatic and enthusiastic, but suddenly it happens to forts episodes of anger ”.

Team at risk

In Interview with GetQoralHealth , Garcia acknowledges that the National Team could also resent the ravages of theersonality of its technical director .


I would put a question mark on how I would be handling the team , and observe if you were not generating tension with methods coercive

The specialist adds that the media and commercial exposure was an additional factor for this situation: "He did not know how to handle the stress ”.

Spill drop

In the videos that were released in the last hours, there is a strong verbal exchange with the communicator that lasted several minutes at the airport in Philadelphia, after getting the gold Cup .

In statements to media, Martinoli says that "El Piojo" gave him a punch in the neck while his daughter Mishelle Herrera threatened to shout and challenged hits .

Last March, the now former coach of the tricolor , was appointed Ambassador for Non-Violence, sponsored by the association of Swiss origin Non Violence Project Foundation (NVP) .

Negative history

The conflict , which cost the job to "El Piojo" is one of several that accumulates in its history professional .

In 1993, prior to the United States World Cup, a deserved expulsion against Honduras cost him his call to the national team by the then coach, Miguel Mejía Barón .

One year later, wearing the T-shirt Atlante , he faced blows with an amateur, something that in the end would be his badge.

During his visit to the emblematic Toros Neza de Antonio Mohamed , Germán Arangio and the Rodrigo 'Pony' Ruiz , in 1997, he starred in the selection of Jamaica one of the most memorable gerescas of Mexican soccer.

Violent bench

As a coach he starred incidents painful inside and outside the court.

In the 2013 Clausura Tournament, in front of Las Águilas del America , "El Piojo" verbally confronted other technical directors such as Pedro Caixinha, coach of the Santos team, of Torreón, in the same year in which he won the championship against Blue Cross .

As coach of the national team and first division teams, Herrera gave raucous press conferences that sometimes ended with insults to the representatives of the media.

Clear example was the one offered after losing the final of the Toreno 2013 opening against the León team in the Aztec stadium .


Do not talk about remembering a statement ... You see the game and go home to rest I swallow each of the matches ... Please, stop saying silly stuff , do not do na'más your 20 minute chamba ".

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