Personal responsibility

"I do not know why I get caught by the ineptitude of the people with whom I work", "it always amazes me to avoid worrying about thinking that tomorrow will always be worse", I often hear phrases like these that show the attitude towards life.

Also these words help me understand the concept that a while ago shared with me Leticia García, expert in logotherapy , synthesizes in a sentence the possible situations that we go through in life and is: "A lot of what happens to me, I allow or provoke it".

I must admit that initially after listening to it, I did not accept this concept, because at that moment events came to my mind where I did not have a direct interference and I could have been the victim of decisions or actions of third parties.

Individuals who unceremoniously acted in a certain way, before which I thought: "I did not allow it, I did not provoke it"; however, the way I reacted to what happened to me did depend completely on me.

We allow ourselves to feel discouraged when things do not go as we expect and we share faults, when we forget that the people around us do not think or react as we do.

Everyone has their rhythm of life and their history, which makes them act in a certain way. We allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by some difficult issue, instead of changing the word problem for the test or learning.

We consent to comments from people who act without prudence or knowledge of what they are talking about, even if they make us feel bad, and many of those reactions can be based on a feeling of envy or even inferiority.


Personal responsibility

Perhaps, you have allowed events that do not depend on you, overwhelm you in such a way that you lose faith or hope, without thinking that sooner or later what you are worried about will happen and it will be for the better.

There is no lack of someone who, because of the excessive love he feels towards someone, is blinded to such an extent that he allows for faults to integrity that affect his self-esteem.

Sometimes we provoke some kind of aggression from those around us because of the imprudence or the little tact we have when expressing what we think or feel.

That is why it is very healthy to ask ourselves the following question: what messages am I sending with my way of being, my behavior or my verbal expressions, so that people treat me this way?

It is definitive that many of the situations that happen to us, allow or provoke them and it is precisely this scoop, which gives meaning to the acceptance of our responsibility for our actions towards others.

Do not pretend to be guilty of everything that happens to you, because the only thing you achieve with this is to fill your heart with great doses of resentment, anger and frustration.

It is very easy to provoke thoughts that encourage negative emotions, which eventually turn into harmful acts. The thoughts depend solely and exclusively on each one of us, and it is we who allow or deny their access to the mind.

"Prudence empowers your words." If you want to know more information write to

* Doctor César Lozano, international lecturer and radio and television host.

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