Performance and vitality for your body, VIPR

Nowadays there are no excuses that prevent us from doing any physical activity. Like fashion, it has also evolved and has been adapted to the needs and demands of today. Example, VIPR, a set of movements aimed at toning and exercise arms .

Created by Michol Dalcourt , coach of Olympic athletes, in Canada, the VIPR is a set of exercises that employ a rubber tube, simulate the movements made by a lumberjack when cutting a trunk. It is based on the concepts that make up its name: vitality, performance and renewal.

The VIPR is part of the fitness era and is designed for men and women. This exercise can be done individually or in groups and is usually accompanied by rhythmic music.

If you want to practice or try this new physical activity, we recommend two things:

1. Acquire your work tool. The VIPR, as already mentioned, uses a plastic or rubber tube which has different handles. The weight of this one can vary between 4 and 20 kilos. If you are a beginner we recommend the least amount to start.

2. Train under the advice of a professional, and thereby avoid injuries.

The VIPR is also recommended for exercises that promote body balance, as well as calorie burning. Do not lock yourself in the same exercises, try new things, maybe you find your passion, not only for exercise arms , but to keep your body in good condition.

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