Patience, a virtue of a few?

How to have patience? Taking for granted that you do not have a virtue like patience and giving up having contact with other people who do not respond in the same way as us is not a good option, because the ability to develop it is limited.

"Patience is in itself a virtue that forces us to be empathetic with those around us, understand them and understand at the same time that each of us can have strengths and weaknesses.

"Therefore we are not only responsible for being patient with others, because there will be some branch in which we also have to be on the other side, which is an opportunity to recognize ourselves as imperfect individuals, but capable of working on themselves to improve, "explains psychologist Hans Olvera, professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

Assuming that this task is exclusive of special beings, is perhaps a pretext to justify the reason why you do not try to face those situations that represent a greater effort, and at the same time endorse the idea that the failure will always be in others, what is translated in not accepting the own deficiencies.

The specialist's proposal to put patience into practice is to understand in the first instance that we are all beings with different abilities and that there will be some areas that require more support than in others.

Meanwhile, what corresponds to oneself is also necessary to detect if it is really clear what is required and the objective of the task that is entrusted, since a principle of being able to accurately transmit the instructions is to know what result is the one that is wait to get.

"It is also necessary to keep in mind that there will be times when it is more difficult for us to communicate with others, but that should not make us lose our temper, because the only thing we will achieve is that our interlocutor enters into a state of concern that will make him or her more difficult to understand the message.

"As long as we have the willingness to explain as many times as necessary with calm and cordiality, we will create an environment of trust that will facilitate dialogue," says the psychologist.

Nor should we disregard the respect that is owed to any person and that no matter how impatient each one is, we must take care of the words and the ways in which he addresses others. And you, are you patient?

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