Pasive smokers?

Do you like to smoke in the car? It may not be a good idea, since your health and that of your loved ones could be in danger, since the accumulation of toxins in the car generates damage to the health of passive smokers.

A study of Department of Environmental Health Sciences, University of California , reveals that when smoking inside the car, harmful particles accumulate that exceed the levels allowed by the World Health Organization (WHO)

For this reason, the air inside the car is very harmful to the health of passive smokers, especially in children; Even if the windows are lowered or the air conditioning is turned on, the toxins are not eliminated, according to the study published by Tobacco Control .

In tobacco smoke, more than four thousand chemical products are registered, which participate in the development of different diseases, so it is recommended to reduce this habit to eliminate it completely. So that you have reasons to leave it, we give you the five health damages of passive smokers:

1.- Atherosclerosis: A study published by the Circulation magazine It specifies that cigarette smoke has oxidizing agents that produce free radicals, which detonate the presence and accumulation of bad cholesterol in macrophores, white blood cells inside the tissues.

2.- Cardiac diseases: Another study of Harvard University reveals that passive smokers have double the risk of coronary heart disease than a person who is not exposed to cigarette smoke.

3.- Cancer: Cigarette smoke contains carcinogenic substances and toxic agents, so its exposure generates the same diseases to active and passive smokers, especially in the lungs.

4.- Respiratory diseases: Tobacco smoke toxins directly impact the lungs of children and adults, so they develop diseases such as asthma, cough or infant crib death syndrome.

5.- Memory: A study of University of Northumbria , in England, he assures that the smoke of the cigarette damages the cognitive functions of the people, who can forget up to 20% of their habitual tasks.

Pasive smokers?

Do you know what a passive smoker is? After knowing the damage generated by the inhalation of cigarette smoke, you should know who these people are and how to avoid being one of them, then explain it to you Dr. Lilia Isabel Ramírez García :

Smoking is a bad habit that harms your health and that of others, so learn to avoid it and improve your quality of life. You will be surprised how your state of mind and physical condition will improve. And you, do you smoke inside the car?

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