Part of the family…

A holiday period, for many is not only a time to rest, it is an ideal time to spend time in the company of a "best friend" in a different environment doing things different from the usual ones. But nevertheless, How to travel with your pet without suffering any mishap?


If you are going to travel by car, you should rest frequently so that your dog or cat can relieve itself and avoid dizziness Take your toys with you so you do not miss your home, as well as your food and water dishes ", is what advises Gabriela Pérez, Veterinary Zootechnician of Royal Canin Mexico, in an interview for GetQoralHealth .


Part of the family…

A pet It does not matter if it is a dog or a cat, in many cases it is an important member of the family, so it is important that you maintain your physical and emotional safety if you go on a trip. Therefore the expert Gabriela Pérez presents some tips to go on vacation with him.

1. Avoid modifying your meal and rush schedules, as well as making sudden changes in your diet. The latter to avoid gastroenteric disorders.

2. Never leave it in a closed space where heat accumulates like your car, even in the shade and with the windows open.

3. Heat stroke can also occur during the daily walk, when the dog is exercising, by age (geriatric) or by weight (overweight or obesity).

4. Avoid exercising or walking during peak hours temperature .

5. Always bring water to drink and moisten the coat.

6 . If your dog is not used to stepping on the sand of the beach or hot terrains, you can put a towel or mat that makes your stay there more comfortable.

7. In case of visiting any place near the field it is necessary to watch that the ticks and mosquitoes do not get to bite your dog or cat, in addition to following the recommendations of your veterinarian to deworm internally and externally after your trip.

Before leaving home, find out about places and accommodations where dogs or cats are accepted, and visit your veterinarian, who will give you all the necessary recommendations related to the health of your hairy companion.

Remember that your health is your responsibility. Take care of him!


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