Palpitate that gives you life ...

Its rhythm is very rarely related to our diet, but, according to the expert Willett, president of the Harvard School of Public Health, A good diet is more powerful than medicines for the health of our heart.

In addition to the fact that its effect is more lasting, many of the foods that take care of your heart do not have side effects like drugs, therefore they are an ideal alternative for your health.


Palpitate that gives you life ...

The National Health Program 2007-2012 notes that cardiovascular diseases are the second leading cause of death in Mexico. Ischemic heart disease stands out among these, responsible for more than half of the deaths in this group of ailments.

In 2011 the World Health Organization He pointed out that these conditions are the cause of 26% of the deaths of Mexicans.

If your desire is to maintain good cardiovascular health, we present 7 foods that take care of your heart. Discover them in our photo gallery!

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