The medical ozone was first used during the First World War for the cleaning Y disinfection of wounds. However, due to its aggressive and corrosive nature, especially when it came into contact with certain materials such as rubber, it made its use and expansion impossible within the medical field. Until the appearance of hard plastics was possible the creation of ozone generators for medical use that allowed the exact dosage of the ozone / oxygen mixture (5% ozone maximum and 95% oxygen). This form of treatment is widespread in central Europe, but it is in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where it is practiced on a regular basis. Medical-scientific societies have been created Ozone therapy in these countries, as well as in Cuba and Italy, in order to promote and support the numerous studies about therapy.

How ozone therapy is applied

According to the Argentine doctor Susana Esperanza , a pioneer in the use of this therapy in your country, it is a "Natural therapy that has no side effects or contraindications , which can be used by young people and older people. " Since one of its qualities is to regulate inflammatory processes -present in 85% of the pathologies , as diabetes , diseases cardiovascular , immunological - "the therapeutic range of ozone therapy is very broad".

According to the expert, there is a biochemical situation that occurs in the body, known as oxidative stress, which is the cause that initiates the pathologies: a pathology can begin with an infectious or immunological process and the body responds to the alteration with a process inflammatory trying to stop that aggression. Ozone regulates this process.


Pathologies that can be treated with ozone therapy

Experts in the field say that for the technique to be effective, the patient has to be well diagnosed. According to Dr. Esperanza, the pathologies that are most treated through the ozone therapy They are the spine, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle pain, sports injuries and vascular ulcers. The sessions consist of a ozone infiltration very superficial; to the fourth application the evolution is observed and if the patient does not respond (it occurs in 10% of the cases) the treatment is abandoned. This therapy also has aesthetic uses with good results in body rejuvenation treatments, anti-aging treatment.stress and anti-age and disappearance of the cellulitis . Ozone is generated with oxygen, so it has no adverse effects and its application in this type of treatment is safe, without complications or side effects.

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