Our brain behaves like the Universe

The human brain It is one of the most complex organs in our body, but it is also a microcosm that behaves like the macrocosm: the Universe.

In an investigation carried out in the University of California at San Diego , scientists found a finding that could shed light on the behavior of networks, natural or artificial.

In the study it was discovered that the electrical dialogues that hold the cells of the human brain they are the same as the figures that galaxies adopt when expanding. However, this goes further, it is believed that the concept of "natural growth dynamics" can be the same for all existing networks in our environment.

Practically, this could be a pattern that allows scientists to decipher the interacting agents within all systems, whether individual, social, natural or artificial, as is the case with the Internet.

Dimitri Krouko, who participated in the study that was published by the journal Nature, points out that this discovery leads man to one of the oldest principles of the origin of the whole: unity.

To think that the Universe, in its complexity, acts and responds as the human brain It is impressive, but its value goes beyond that, since it may help us in the future to help understand the code that exists in a fertilized egg, what kind of rhythm there is on the lunar surface among much more.

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