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"Llenito" due to fluid retention? The people with more body fat have less water, only 55% compared to 65% that an athlete has. To avoid it, drink coffee before exercising. This stimulates your weightloss and it makes you feel happy while you sweat.

Drink a 250 milliliter coffee reduces the consumption of 72 calories At breakfast. In addition, the caffeine it contains decreases fatigue and hunger decreases what prevents binge after exercise. A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.


Other options…

If the degree of dehydration is 3%, the muscular endurance , hyperthermia can occur, headache and disorientation. Let it not happen to you!

1. Soft drinks with hydrates

They contribute to the intestinal absorption of sodium and water to a greater extent than other beverages, which makes it easier to obtain the levels of hydration necessary after physical exercise. Ensures an investigation of the Sports Medicine Federation in Spain.

2. Homemade smoothie

In the glass of the blender add an egg white, piece of fruit (can be banana, kiwi, strawberry, melon or apple), 100 milliliters of water and a natural yogurt. Blend perfectly, that there are no solid fragments, and enjoy.

3. Water

Water, along with the nutrients you eat in meals, allows you to get the amount enough electrolytes . In the event that the exercise is going to be very long and carried out in hot conditions, you can add salt to your food. This helps your body retain water.

If you exercise more than 60 minutes per day, you will have to increase your carbohydrate and protein intake. Example, a glass of milk.

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