Other benefits of tequila for health:

The tequila Not only is it delicious but it has great health benefits and one of them is to prevent osteoporosis .

Researchers of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies , of the National Polytechnic Institute , they assure that the blue agave tequila favors the absorption of calcium and magnesium, vital to have healthy and strong bones .

In addition, the tequila (thanks to its sugar molecules) promotes the synthesis of osteocalcin, a protein whose function is to generate new bone .

The finding, the result of its study with mice, gave rise to the Cinvestav researchers affirming that a possible alternative of prevention and treatment for this painful condition is opened.


Other benefits of tequila for health:

- Improves digestion

- Serves as a flu remedy

- Reduces the risk of suffering dementia

- It helps to sleep

- Controls cholesterol levels

- Combat stress and anxiety

- Prevents colitis

- Stimulates the burning of fat

In addition to rich, healthy ... Cheers!




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