Oribe Peralta suffers fibrillar rupture

Oribe Peralta front of Santos Laguna suffered fibrillar break after participating with the Lagunero team in the final of the league, so their concentration in the National selection is at risk.

The medical specialists of the Lagunero Club evaluated the player, and he was diagnosed with fibrillar break at sartorius muscle of the right thigh.

The fibrillar break It is characterized by the tearing to a greater or lesser degree of the muscle fibers that make up a muscle . The main cause is the intense effort that is applied to a muscle little trained, so the muscle fibers do not resist tension and break. Although in some cases a severe contusion can collapse the muscle .

The main symptoms of fibrillar break are the pain sharp and intense, contractions , inflammation Y hematoma ; everything depends on the severity of the break.

To rehabilitate this type of injury It is recommended that during the first hours ice is applied to lower the inflammation , medication for hematoma and a compressive bandage. The visit to physiotherapist is required, to value and treat the injury . The specialists suggest at least two weeks of recovery.

To avoid this kind of injuries, you have to do a warm up before any training and learn to regulate the intensity when the muscle be fatigued Good luck!

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