Orexin fights obesity

American scientists have discovered that not all hormones are bad. The so-called orexin (which occurs in the brain ) has the ability to burn the grease bad, that is, the one that accumulates and is not healthy.

In the human body there is a type of tissue known as grease brown that does more than store fat, since it also burns it; That is why the orexin prevents the obesity when activating that type of fat. This was discovered by experts from Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in a study with mice.

The doctor Devanjan Sikder , author of the analysis, explains that "without orexin , the mice become obese. With the hormone, brown fat is activated and more calories are burned. "

Until now, it was thought that brown fat disappeared after the childhood , but recent advances in imaging technology led to its rediscovery in adult humans.

This type of fat is full of blood vessels Y mitochondria , which makes it very effective in the conversion of calories in energy, a process that malfunctions in cases of obesity .

The deficiency of orexin is associated with the overweight , which suggests that supplements with this hormone could provide a new therapeutic approach to the treatment of obesity and others metabolic disorders .

The drugs currently used for weight loss are aimed at reducing the appetite of a person, but a therapy based on orexin It would generate a new class of drugs that would burn the peripheral fat of the tissue.

Scientists determine how you can use the orexin in humans to prevent or treat obesity .

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