Oral hygiene prevents dental problems

The oral hygiene It is very important for the health of the human being, so it must be done with the necessary tools and in a correct way. One of the benefits of this is to prevent the accumulation of Dentobacterial plaque Y tartar on the teeth, thereby avoidingdiseases as: cavities , periodontitis , halitosis Y gingivitis .

Sergio Salvador Utera López , maxillofacial surgeon of the Family Medicine Unit 222, of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), indicates that the majority of the population lacks a culture of prevention and care of oral health, because 70% of people go to the dentist when they have advanced dental problems.

The specialist noted that the recurrent condition in the consultations is the gingivitis , a disease that generates inflammation , irritation and wear of gums , that of not being detected and treated in a timely manner causes: the loss of teeth, change of coloration in the affected area, bleeding and pain intense damage to the jaw bone.

Some of the symptoms that the infection presents are: sensation of mobility of the gums, increased sensitivity to cold and halitosis (bad breath).

Acquire healthy cleaning habits

Utera López stressed that prevention is the key to avoid dental problems, so it is essential to brush your teeth after each meal, use dental floss to eliminate food debris, rinse with water and specialized oral products, as well as go to the dentist to perform a professional dental cleaning every six months.

The following video explains how to have a good oral hygiene . Remember to change your brush every two or three months.

To keep a beautiful, healthy and white smile, do not forget to visit your dentist , even if you do not feel discomfort in your teeth.