Only 15 minutes of waiting are enough

Scientists from the United Kingdom developed a home test to detect, in less than 15 minutes, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) . What do you think? Do you think what works? Answer our test


Only 15 minutes of waiting are enough

The test to detect theHIV calledThe BioSure HIV Self Test , it is easy to perform with an accuracy of 99%. Currently it can be purchased online.

Only a light "picket" is enough to extract a drop of blood with which the presence of antibodies is measured. After 15 minutes You can know the result . On a strip of paper inside a plastic tube, two purple lines are painted indicating the presence of the HIV .

It should be noted that the test can not detect a recent contagion , since the virus It takes up to three months for the antibodies become detectable The test is only available in the United Kingdom on the Biosure site with a price of 29.95 euros, something like 500 Mexican pesos.


Brigette Bard , representative of BioSure UK , states that the use of this test of HIV it's going to help people get a previous diagnosis where and when they feel comfortable. "

Specialists recommend that if you get a result positive is indispensable who seek medical advice and perform medical exams additional blood to confirm the presence of virus .

The early diagnosis is synonymous with a timely treatment , so patients can prevent possible and future complications.

Currently there are more than 34 million people infected with the HIV , while 4 out of 10 ignore that they are infected, they indicate data of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS) .