On the right track: The benefits of homeopathy

According to the WHO, around 65 to 80% of the world population uses traditional medicine to cure health problems. Homeopathy is one of the most used alternative medicines by a large number of people. It is accepted as one of the branches of medicine in Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom. However, the main obstacle it faces is that insurance companies do not cover homeopathic treatments and therapies.

Homeopathy follows the "law of like ", Which states that when a person is sick, they could be cured by ingesting substances that produce the same results. Of course, the ingestion of these substances by the body must be gradual. The term homeopathy comes from the word "homeo" which means similar and "pathos", disease.

Homeopathic remedies come from herbs and natural substances, which are diluted and shaken with great strength in addition to being subjected to the process of potentization. In it, the solution or substances are vigorously agitated to increase its healing force. Although continuous agitation may also decrease the toxicity or increase the potential of the substance.

In general, homeopathic treatments improve balance, mental perspective and the perception of the individual.

There are numerous benefits in the use of this treatment


  1. The remedies are natural, therefore, there is no possibility of patients becoming addicted or fear of any side effects.
  2. Homeopathic treatments are safe because they have been evaluated or tested on humans and not on animals.
  3. Each treatment is individualized for each patient. It depends on the symptoms and not on the disease.
  4. The remedies and treatments are holistic, it is not only the body but also the mind.
  5. Homeopathy treatments improve the body's immune system. By strengthening it, infectious diseases are less likely.
  6. The treatment and the remedies have satisfactory effects to treat acute and chronic health problems. In fact, treatments work in those diseases that can not be cured with conventional medications.
  7. It is easy for the most reluctant patients to take homeopathic medicines. Children easily agree to take them. The solutions are often dispensed with sugar pills.
  8. Compared with other treatments, homeopathics are more accessible. However, the only problem is that health insurance does not cover them.
  9. Do not alter other bodily processes such as the digestive system or cause allergic reactions
  10. Since they are natural, they are safe for pregnant women, babies, children, sensitive adults and even the elderly.
  11. There are also some patients who delay the aging process.
  12. Those who have taken homeopathic remedies are likely to reduce the risks of surgery in different conditions.
  13. They also offer relief for pain, both immediate and long-term.

There are numerous benefits of homeopathy, its natural and holistic approach makes it ideal for those who are concerned about the long-term effects of drugs. Those who have undergone homeopathic treatment often say that they not only treated the pain, but also their mental health.

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