Old remedy against infections

Thyme has been used in kitchens for hundreds of years. Some like the taste, but do you know that it is a remedy with many potential health benefits? Before going there, we have to know what is the thyme.

Centuries ago, the Egyptians used it as one of the ingredients in their embalming liquids, as it is an agent preservative and antifungal . Later, Roman soldiers bathed in it, in order to prepare for battle. During medieval times, the ladies of yesteryear sewed it on the knight's vest, as a sign of good luck.

One of the important benefits of thyme is its antiseptic quality . If you have a blow or cut, you can macerate it and put it on the wound to prevent it from getting infected.

For those who suffer from stomach flu , you can drink or eat raw to relieve stomach pain. When used as a tea bag and heated, it helps to cure red eyes and conjunctivitis.


Remedy for Cough

Thyme is a great remedy for cough, its essential oils have antispasmodic and expectorant properties. This means that it is useful in the treatment of patients with acute or chronic bronchitis , colds, sore throat or whooping cough and that's why they use it as an important component in cough drops.

For this, it enhances the action of the cilia in the bronchi and acts directly on the bronchial mucosa. Terpenes are responsible for the expectorant activity of thyme, while a variety of flavonoids are responsible for the spasmolytic effect in the bronchioles.

This remedy can also be used as a mouthwash , in the treatment of inflammations in the mouth, as well as throat infections.

The best part about this remedy is that you can buy it at the supermarket or plant it in your own garden. Just be careful, as it usually attracts bees.

There is 350 species of thyme and some of them are stronger than others. One thing that can not be denied, however, is the benefit it brings to your health.

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