Of all flavors

In the frank search for Prince Charming, some may not have considered that as my grandmother said, 'when they like something, or the mold change', so it is easy to give your heart without knowing the reasons why They may be attracted to almost the same type of man and be living a kind of déjà vu in each relationship.

Doly Mallet, author of the book Tu galán de película, by Editorial Grijalbo, He explains that it is very important that women find out the kind of man they like, since that is linked to the person they are and says a lot about what they expect from a relationship, from life, even about personal goals and very important , of what you are looking for in the future.

And note, regardless of the age of the damsels, the formula does not fail, so it is essential to be clear if the type of galán that are commonly related, find everything they seek.


Of all flavors

The author interviewed 100 men from Latin America, Australia, the United States and Europe, and realized that without distinction by nationality or language, there are types of gallants that are repeated and therefore, in the field of taste and attraction, There is no clear difference between them, so the Mexican seducer is very similar to the American, and the heads in the head that a girl can give in one country or another are the same, if what she is looking for is stability.

It is essential to be clear once and for all, whether that type of gallant is someone or not - and you almost have to take air for the sensitive topic - able to be the valuable gentleman with whom they can find what they dream of in love:

"It is very important that before starting the search for love, women first look to themselves, to know who they are and what they want," the author explains and emphasizes that from that, it will be easier to randomly way of the link.

Also, list the types of men that according to their interviews, respond to the archetypes today, "which can be seen in movies and in real life, so nothing that 'all men are equal': Provider , patriarch, 'mirrey', seducer, boor, first me, lonely, free, intellectual, geeky, sensitive, sympathetic, devout, wounded, gay friend, is or is not, confused, Peter Pan, modern and vampire.

It is not a matter of judging which ones are good or bad, just to be clear about what we can find in each of them: "Once social myths made us believe that they would complement us. But as they themselves propose (in the results of the interviews):

We are two complete beings who come together and from that union to see what comes out. Because the connections and chemical variations are interesting: I am the same person and I will react completely differently depending on the man they put me in front ", explains the author and adds that just as in the world of cinema, you have to be dumb with the star male, have chemistry, share the weight of the script and no one steal the screen.

For any woman, it is always a good time to readjust the compass, to know herself and depending on what she wants in a relationship and the person she is, to look for her prince.

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