Objects that you should never masturbate with

Sometimes, we look for accessories that can satisfy us when masturbating, however, some accessories can be very risky for our vagina.

According to gynecologist Sherry A. Ross, the best sex toys to masturbate are those that are made of silicone, they are easy to clean and do not increase the risk that you may suffer from a vaginal infection.

However, there are also objects that you should NEVER enter into the vagina:


Cucumbers, carrots or any other phallic fruit

The bacteria contained in these vegetables could be transferred to the vagina and cause severe irritation.


And DO NOT forget the chemicals and pesticides that are used to preserve these vegetables!



The bacteria that contain this type of sausages could enter your vagina. Although masturbating with this food does not represent a great risk to health, you could suffer from a severe irritation or infection in the area.


Plastic or glass bottles

With any bottle you run the risk of transferring bacteria to your vagina. Gynecologist Sherry A. Ross told Cosmo UK that she has known of patients who had to go to the emergency room because they had a glass bottle lodged in the anus or vagina.


With glass bottles the danger is extreme, because you run the risk of breaking and hurting the area.



The urologist Dana Rice also told Cosmo UK the firm objects as the markers are dangerous for the area, as they could tear or irritate the urethra and vaginal tissues. "You also run the risk of the plug coming out and getting stuck in the vaginal vault."


Candles or soaps


Excessively perfumed candles or soaps can put the area at risk. They may cause irritation or an allergic reaction.


Masturbation is good for you, because it helps you to know your body better and know what sensations you like and what you do not. However, it is very important that you opt for specialized toys so as not to put the area at risk.

Video Medicine: 10 THINGS you should NEVER MASTURBATE with. (September 2020).