Obesity causes hemorrhoids

The chronic constipation , obesity , constant effort to evacuate Y diarrhea , they cause hemorrhoidal disease , that is to say, inflammation of hemorrhoids and bleeding that can be complicated when it is for a long time, said the doctor Willy Jiménez , assigned to the service of Gastroenterology of the General Hospital of Mexico .

Doctor Jimenez explained that the overweight Y obesity inflame the hemorrhoids due to the increase in intra-abdominal pressure that causes an increase in circulation of the anus .

The hemorrhoids They are part of the anatomy of the anal canal and have the function of helping continence, not to leak gases and not stain liquids, but when inflamed or injured by forced evacuations cause bleeding , itch , spots around the anus and discomfort. The treatment is according to the symptoms. Sometimes just by modifying the diet the alteration is corrected, but other patients require anti-inflammatory , ligature, injection, photocoagulation or surgery. The complication of hemorrhoids causes thrombosis or hemorrhoidal collapse , because the person has lived a long time with the problem and requires some type of surgical intervention such as mechanical suture or Hemorrhoid ligation . The specialist clarified that the doctor must ensure that it is not some tumor because the symptoms are equal to rectal cancer .

Constipation in pregnancy

The doctor Willy Jiménez of the Gastroenterology Service of the General Hospital of Mexico, informed that during the pregnancy also inflamed hemorrhoids because the hormonal changes dilate the veins of the legs and anus, causing that when pushing during the birth, they bleed and they leave the anus, but after this period they return to normality. However, some women require surgery.

The specialist commented that the hemorrhoids In general, they do not hurt and are a matter of shame among Mexican society, patients delay attention or resort to home remedies that only complicate the situation and only seek medical help at an advanced stage.

Recommended to consume plentiful fiber , vegetables Y fruits such as papaya, apple and orange, as well as oats and other cereals, in addition to enough water to have a soft and well formed fecal matter: "Anyone can have a hemorrhoidal inflammation that is self-limiting, but if the bleeding is continuous for up to 8 months and you feel the hemorrhoids, you should go to the doctor, "said Jiménez.

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