Obesity and malnutrition due to poor diet

The themes of obesity Y malnutrition are two issues of concern in our country, because the population is fed inadequately and, therefore, is badly nourished .

Luis Alberto Vargas Guadarrama , of the Institute of Anthropological Research (IIA) of the UNAM , reported that in a study conducted in primary schools of the Federal District, one in five children were overweight and, some, obesity. In addition, other research has shown that if before the age of six a child suffers overweight , the possibility of being obese in adulthood is greatly increased.

On the other hand, a study of Rosa María Ramos Rodríguez , of the IIA, indicates that developing stature is important, but the exaggerated growth of fat reserves is serious, since it increases the incidence of diseases such as cardiovascular Y diabetes .

Changes in the diet of Mexicans, such as excessive consumption of industrialized products (with a high energy density ) and the substitution of others belonging to our traditional food, make the two negative aspects coexist: obesity Y malnutrition .

Vargas Guadarrama assures that there are a series of factors that have originated the bad nutrition and the consequent epidemic of obesity For example, some products, such as instant soups and soft drinks, have become primary foods because industry has influenced our concept of how to eat. Fats and sugars are also added to the list of products that harm our health and that have resulted in obesity Y dental problems .

For this reason, the university researcher recommended maintaining a diet balanced and a good nutrition , and stressed that the most important thing is to learn to eat and combine a food from each of these three groups: fruits and vegetables , products of animal origin , I legumes rich in proteins and cereals , as well as eating little of a lot. This diet can be supplemented with other accessible products, such as legumes (beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils).

Take care of your health and that of your family by eating healthily!

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