If you tend to wake up and drink a cup of tea or coffee during the morning, you are taking care of your health with liver-friendly drinks.

According to researchers from the Medicine School of the Duke University in North Carolina in conjunction with the University of Singapore They reveal that taking an adequate dose of caffeine can help maintain a healthy liver.



Data of the Ministry of Health (Ssa) They indicate that overweight and obesity are the main problem of Public Health in Mexico: in adult obesity it occupies the first place in the world and the second place in children. One of the consequences of obesity is the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) disease that is increasing and that also; explain the researchers do not have an effective treatment, except healthy habits such as a balanced diet and physical exercise.


Dosage of caffeine!

During the investigation, cell cultures and animal models were used to find that caffeine stimulates the metabolism of lipids stored in liver cells and reduces the condition of fatty liver.


How many cups?

The researchers recommend drinking a cup of coffee or tea in the morning; however, they indicate that taking the equivalent of 4 cups of tea or coffee per day provides the greatest benefit in preventing and treating nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

In this investigation it is concluded that the key is not to fall into excesses. Excesses always harm health. An example of this is the study carried out by psychologists of the Durham University in which they claim that consuming 7 or more cups of coffee a day can cause hallucinations.

Although beneficial properties are identified in these drinks or in some other food; committing excesses will always have an effect contrary to the benefits that certain properties can bring to your body. Beware!

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