Nutritious and low-fat cod

In this holiday season , one of the most requested dishes is the cod . Therefore, we present a healthy option that allows you to enjoy this dish without guilt.

In addition, the fish it's very low in fats . Their contribution caloric is reduced and is rich in Omega 3 , which helps you have more retentive in the brain .

To cook it in a healthy way, you must bake the cod and crumble it. Bathe with less oily components such as a vinaigrette and accompany it with a few long peppers and olives (seven spoonfuls equals one tablespoon of fat)

Fat reduction: Thus, in a portion of 90 grams, 42% calories and 80% fat are subtracted.

Tip: 90 grams, equivalent to the palm of your hand.



  1. 1 piece of onion
  2. 1 bunch of parsley
  3. 1 medium can of tomato puree
  4. 1 kilo of cod
  5. 1 jar of olives
  6. 3 cans of red peppers
  7. 1 kilo of tomatoes
  8. 1 cup of olive oil
  9. 10 pieces of ground peppers
  10. 7 cloves of garlic
  11. 1 sprig of thyme
  12. 1 piece of onion

Preparation method:

1. The cod it is soaked one and a half days in advance, changing the water frequently (the first one is kept to cook the potatoes) and it is heated, without boiling, with its last water until it is cooked, it is left to cool and it crumbles.

2. In the oil fry the garlic until they are black, remove and fry the onion with the garlic molcajeteados.

Two cans of red peppers, previously ground with half of the olives and one onion, are added.

3. Add the tomatoes and the parsley. When you release the fat, add the tomato puree and let it season until the sauce changes color.

4. Incorporates the sugar , the juice of the two cans of peppers, the herbs of smell and the potatoes along with the cod and the chilies. It is cooked all together and served with the other tin of red peppers cut into strips and the rest of the olives.

Video Medicine: Matt Dawson's Healthy Mediterranean Cod Recipe (October 2021).