Nuclear tests and their aftermath

On the occasion of the commemoration of International Day against Nuclear Tests , declared by the United Nations (UN), we will let you know the aftermath that cause explosions in people.

Thenuclear tests aredetonation s of nuclear weapons with an experimental purpose; these produce differenteffects to the environment and toHealth of the human being

The damages can be immediate or delayed, which mainly impacts the weather and to environment ; In addition, an expansive wave of hot , an electromagnetic pulse and the radiation ionizing.The latter decreases the defenses of the organism and sharpens the possibility of diseases and infections in the wounds caused by the explosion.

A person who has been exposed to this type of practice may suffer thirst intense, sickness , fever , stain s in the skin , diarrhea , waste of hair Y intestinal hemorrhages , so after suffering all these symptom , the victim may die or recover.

In case the person survives, he may be left with different types of traumas or delays , since radiation goes through the organism human and is absorbed by the body , so their cells they are injured.

The last accident of this type that was presented was in Japan , when a strong earthquake Y seaquake It impacted the Japanese country. This caused the nuclear plant to close Fukushima I , by a radioactive leak.

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