Nuclear disaster in Japan as well as Chernobyl

Japan has increased the level of nuclear alarm from 5 to 7 on the scale of the International Atomic Energy Agency, (IAEA for its acronym in English).

Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency announced the change of status due to the amount of radioactive material accumulated since earthquake that shook the eastern country on March 11. According to the international scale INES, an accident level 7 indicates that billions of becquerels (unit that measures the radioactive activity) of radioactive iodine 131.

The authorities of the region point out that the amount of radioactive material is still lower than that registered in the disaster of Chernobyl , however, it is enough to enter the maximum level of emergency, says the Japanese newspaper Kyodo News.

Those responsible for the plant mentioned that nobody has died due to exposure to large amounts of radiation, and that no employee or outsider has fallen ill due to the emergency of Fukushima However, 20 injured employees are reported.

The Dr. Robert Peter Gale , responsible for the medical team that responded to the accident Chernobyl in the 1980s, he pointed to the newspaper at the time New York Times that occurred about 6 thousand cases of thyroid cancer, and that he believes that in the case of Fukushima there will not be as many cases as in the Ukrainian plant, however he has not given his opinion on the recent change of status in the severity of the disaster Japanese.

Authorities have begun to evacuate a greater number of villages near the plant Fukushima for fear of the consequences that may occur to a light radiation exposure, but for a prolonged time. Experts have not yet fully understood how the radiation he manages to spread so they preferred to take precautions.

So far, the Secretary of Foreign Relations reports that the situation in most of Japan allows travel in a normal manner and indicates that radioactivity levels in the environment outside the area near the Plant, they have not presented levels that imply an immediate damage to health.

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