Nourish your body without doubts!

Sometimes our emotions generate a feeling of emptiness or anxiety that borders us to eat a sandwich to try to eliminate it, however, when this becomes a habit, the only thing we gain is to be part of the statistics of overweight .

Therefore, it is important to identify if we are really emotionally or physically hungry. This way we will take care of our body and health, but how to achieve it?

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Nourish your body without doubts!

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, Yunuhén Juárez Rosas, bariatric psychologist , explains that the first contact we have with the world and with our mother is food, since it helps us grow and understand what is around.


"Socially we have many connotations regarding food, because ultimately it is important to live. However we have to improve the relationship with food, understanding that it serves to live, nourish and for the body to perform different activities.

However, the specialist explains that it is important to identify when you really are hungry and when your emotions make you eat, even if you are already satisfied.


"First you must identify the signs of physical hunger. An example is when you crave something like pasta, but when you get home there is only chicken broth; when you finish eating you will feel a feeling of fullness and you will have forgotten about the pasta. "

In contrast, when you are emotionally hungry you feel a sense of anxiety that is generated in the solar plexus or the mouth of the stomach (understanding that all emotions have a physical impact on the body).

You can even crave the pasta, but when you do not satisfy that craving and eat something else, in the end you will have the need to want to eat the pasta at any cost.


"Somehow the mind tries to evade some painful thoughts or problems, channeling to another act", that is the great problem of linking food with emotion.

However, he thinks: "If I eat that dish that seemed to me because I did not think about a problem that I have, I will not solve the problem when I eat it."

To overcome it, Yunuhén Juárez explains, it is important to take an integral treatment to compensate the damage we have done to the body for having eaten badly for a long time.

"It is important to review, attend and give priority. After you are well it is how you can better help others, improve our environment or do what we want in our lives, "concludes the specialist. And you, do you eat because of physical or emotional hunger?