Not only affect your appearance ...

Women who received breast implants have spiced up their sex life, a small preliminary study indicates.

Brazilian researchers discovered that women experienced a significant boost to sexual arousal and satisfaction after the procedure. However, they also observed that women who had stretch marks as a result of their breast implants, did not have any improvement in their sex life.

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Not only affect your appearance ...

"I think the woman's breast is a very important part of her body, in terms of how she feels about herself in public, how her clothes fit and how she feels about her sexually," said Dr. David Reath, chairman of the public education committee of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). "It is very common for a woman after surgery to feel more secure."

However, there could be other reasons behind reports that women's sexual lives have improved, said Tomi-Ann Roberts, a distinguished professor of psychology at the University of Colorado and a member of the working group of the American Psychological Association. in the sexuality of girls.

"When we have exerted a lot of effort, money and time, we tend to justify that work," Roberts said. "Our sensation is increased by the implants."

The study involved 45 women who had planned to undergo breast implant surgery.
The researcher Dr. Paulo Guimaraes and colleagues asked the women to fill out a questionnaire before the surgery to evaluate their sexual desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction. The patients were asked to return the questionnaire two, four and 18 months after the surgery.

The 36 women who did not develop postsurgical striations said they had experienced higher levels of arousal and were more satisfied with their sex life.

"They found that in the areas of sexual satisfaction and sexual arousal, there was a significant increase in feelings," Reath said. "These aspects of the sexual experience increased for these women."
Nine women with stretch marks after their plastic surgery did not report any improvement. Stretch marks can occur if the implant is significantly larger than the original breast, according to the ASP.

"We still should not be surprised that they indulge in the realm of their sexuality," Roberts added. "Feminine heterosexuality has a lot to do with the sense of whether we are indulging our partner, and here we have 45 women who have paid a lot of money for that purpose.If these breasts are pleasing their male partners, then they are likely to feel more sexually attractive. "

This could be a pleasure product of culture.

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