Not everything is good!

Having a good vaginal health is essential, since the problems in this area affect from fertility, sexual desire and the ability to reach an orgasm, according to Mayo Clinic researchers.

There are several habits that harm the health of your vagina when generating infections or more severe problems, so it is important that you know them so that you avoid them or change them immediately.


Not everything is good!


  1. Strong smelling foods . Garlic, asparagus and curry are ingredients that you should consume in moderation, because they change the smell of your vagina And others may notice, say scientists at Oregon State University.
  2. Excess sugar Increases the risk of developing vaginal infections caused by fungi
  3. Use of thongs . Although they are very sensual, the excessive use of these intimate garments generates vaginal infections, which is why the use of cotton is recommended, says Shieva Ghofrany, an obstetrician at the Stamford Hospital in Connecticut.
  4. Depilation of pubic hair. Do not eliminate it completely, as it protects you from friction, chafing or vaginal infections. Also, be careful when you shave, as you are more vulnerable to get herpes, due to the injuries you can make with the rake.
  5. Use of douching. These alter the natural balance of the beneficial bacteria of the vagina , so it is easier the development of fungal infections.

To maintain good vaginal health you just have to keep the area clean with the help of water and neutral soap. Also, do not forget to go with your gynecologist to perform exams that help you confirm that everything is fine. And you, which of these habits do you have?

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